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Student-Athlete Registration Now Open

The following is intended for ANY student – both returning students and incoming freshmen/transfers – who has an interest in trying out for any varsity team during the 2011-2012 academic year.

If you are interested in playing ANY intercollegiate, varsity sport at Wentworth this year, there are several forms you need to fill out before you may begin practicing. This year all of the forms – with the exception of the medical forms (physical, medical history, proof of insurance) – are being done electronically. You now have direct access to ALL of the institutional forms through the Current Student-Athlete section of the Athletics website (everything is being done electronically, except for the medical forms, which can be downloaded as PDFs), but in order to access the NCAA-mandated forms, you need to fill this short form out so that you can be activated in the NCAA system. Once you have been activated, you will receive an email with a link to the NCAA forms.

If you have already filled out the registration form, THANK YOU! You should have received an email from an address such as “nobody (at) ncaa (dot) org,” which contains your login information. All registrations through September 7 have been processed thus far and another batch will be followed next week. If you have not registered yet, please go to this link and fill out the short registration form in order to activate your registration. Again, this process and all of the other forms under this section of the website are mandated for anyone who wishes to try out for a team. Just because you were a member of a team last year doesn’t exempt from doing this.

Please note that you can not fill out the NCAA forms until you have been registered in the system as each student-athlete is assigned a different code. Forwarding the email to anyone who hasn’t been registered in the system will not work for those recipients.

Regarding the medical forms, it is strongly suggested that students get on top of this during the summer months to alleviate any problems there may be prior to the start of your season. Questions pertaining to the medical forms should be addressed to the Athletic Training Office at (617) 989-4144. Completed forms may be dropped off at the Athletics Office during normal business hours or mailed to Wentworth, to the attention of Lauren Eck, Assistant Athletic Trainer.

If there are any questions regarding this, please contact the Athletics Office at (617) 989-4655.

Information regarding informational meetings for each team will follow later this summer.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation!